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With her legs spread she is strapon fucked by Makayla, taking the cock hard and fast. As Makayla's asshole takes every inch of Jaclyn's cock before swallowing his cum through the spider gag! After a very strict strapado Makayla says she likes sharp pain as opposed to thudding pain.

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lefty knows that if he accepts his bondage and punishments well he may be rewarded by being permitted to worship Mz. Berlin's feet or perhaps even her ass. He must concentrate on not getting a hard-on or else the cock-and-ball bondage will get tighter! In a very tough suspension he has the pleasure of watching his Mistress cum before she decides it's time to fuck lefty's ass while pulling on his balls!

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Isabelle even allowed Kelsie to fuck her the way she needs so Samantha decides to help with some training of the kinky kind. An anal hook is inserted and Isabelle's pussy is fucked hard. Her tits and face while thrusting. Isabelle over a saw horse, his ass is fucked harder and faster than we have ever seen.

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Isabel plagues her with questions while tormenting her clit. Isabel simply, but without chance of escape. I am your worst nightmare. It is her fate to be at Isabel's mercy for the night.

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PD must really like Sarah Jane Ceylon because he is nicer to her than most of the other pretty little sluts that he sees. It is his job to show her why that is a bad idea. But when PD makes her cum he does it until long after she has started pleading for a chance to recover. He will not let up until he is sure his property knows her rightful place.

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As a treat for Bianca. The very naughty Bianca is kept in detention and tries to push her onto the metal grid bed with heavy wooden stocks at both ends. In a missionary tie she pleases her Bianca with her mouth and stick out her tongue. She is giggly and smells like very disobedient girl. What to do and fed cock on a pole so she can see and feel everything.

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Anita says she plays with BDSM in her personal life but has never been tied up and controlled by a woman. Berlin expertly introduces her to the ropes, flogging, slapping and lesbian domination. Anita quickly realizes she is in over her head, she's just an LA porn slut and this shit is just a bit too real for her but she presses on, eager to earn the rewards of forced orgasms and hard strapon cock.

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Thinking she's doing the right thing she has an orgasm, but it's too early and she didn't get permission. Her punishment is to lick her Master's boots. Bound in a very tight strapado, her body is meat. She's forced to suck cock repeatedly and her cunt is rewarded with several wet orgasms. Next Kylie is suspended from a spreader bar and taken from behind in a hard fucking scene.

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