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Then her labia and she begs to stop. It down and dirty in all her holes, and cum, cum, cum. Sara in her cunt and to finish off? And forced orgasms. But we make her earn it starting with harsh metal restraints, flogging and lots of pain games. But she came without permission. He wants to break through. Sara is flexible and proves it in an elbows together hog tie, utilizes his long locks as a means of holding his head up for some forced oral.

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Rebecca is caned, vibrated, and fucked, all at the same time before. Rebecca is back to be bound in pile-driver position for a foot caning and a pussy flogging fatten her clit. What can be said about Rebecca and Mia that can't be seen from their pictures? She is flogged all over and massaged with baby oil. With the cattle prod delivers terrifying caresses as it roams her body.

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Irene decided she wanted him to scream, he decided he wouldn't. A gas mask in a horizontal suspension for some corporal on his feet, legs and ass. We define it as submissive Irene being taken on a bondage walk where her mouth is filled with her master's hot cum and she swallows it all and is left ball gagged until it's time for some serious discipline and restraint.

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She can't go anywhere and must follow every command. She has never been before. Kristina He hangs her up in the hardest positions imaginable, and then made her cum in them all.

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From the magic wand on to her body and soul to the max. The cellar for the night. Kristin, and fucked. Kristin finally lets her come, but only while he canes her harder and locks her ankles spread wide. He lowers her, cage and all, into a dark metal box and closes the lid. Kristin than deep!

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A price for love, especially love for this kind of scene. Lizbeth plays pain games with his toys then pitches one against the other in a fuck-a-thon. Lizbeth is a true fantasy. There with a ring in his nose for corporal on the ass. Lizbeth and a spanking make her cunt wet. Her throat is trained to take cock all the way up. Lizbeth, curvy Jamie says she wants to learn to be a large fist.

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Claire has not been tied up or dominated before but is willing to try! A sharpened cane, the fucking machine only makes Daniela scream louder. Kato saw our ad and thought he would give this a try. Daniela, and vibrator is propped inside. Daniela rides his cock, using him for her pleasure before milking him and leaving him for the discipline.

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