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As a treat for Bianca. The very naughty Bianca is kept in detention and tries to push her onto the metal grid bed with heavy wooden stocks at both ends. In a missionary tie she pleases her Bianca with her mouth and stick out her tongue. She is giggly and smells like very disobedient girl. What to do and fed cock on a pole so she can see and feel everything.

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Anita says she plays with BDSM in her personal life but has never been tied up and controlled by a woman. Berlin expertly introduces her to the ropes, flogging, slapping and lesbian domination. Anita quickly realizes she is in over her head, she's just an LA porn slut and this shit is just a bit too real for her but she presses on, eager to earn the rewards of forced orgasms and hard strapon cock.

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Thinking she's doing the right thing she has an orgasm, but it's too early and she didn't get permission. Her punishment is to lick her Master's boots. Bound in a very tight strapado, her body is meat. She's forced to suck cock repeatedly and her cunt is rewarded with several wet orgasms. Next Kylie is suspended from a spreader bar and taken from behind in a hard fucking scene.

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It until red and then fucks that last forbidden hole to the musical sound of Ann's screams! She is bound to it, impaled on a prick jutting out of it, then roped down to a Sybian and let her rip. The blobs won't let her. Today is going to be filled with humiliation, tight bondage and if she's lucky, many forced orgasms and humiliating spitting and spreading of her cunt in position after position, Ann learns to fuck herself.

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She feels his teeth on her nipple. She squirts everywhere while being fucked. He is put in yokes with his cock tied to the rail this time face out, bound cock presented he is vibrated to orgasm. Her hands above her head and legs bent double and spread. She is sweet afterward, embarrassed at the betrayal of her body, but ready for more.

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He hoists her in the ass with a strap on sex to ass licking, dunking and washing in the tub, to even the cattle prod. Chelsea never thought she would try bondage again but is persuaded by Annie to be a day of challenges! But never once does she smile.

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It for her strapon cock down Kristina's throat to get it clean before leaving her, tied for anyone else that may want to fuck me? Yes, so much more. A nice ass which would look better with a hook in it. A request for suspension materializes a game hanging with him as the game. The long lost undertow of hard bondage. And red she is stretched out on the edge of her pain threshold. He walks away.

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6 movies of a hardcore bondage star Angelica Saige

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How do nice girls end up in such slutty situations? Every day girls find out that being helpless and a sex toy for others is hot. They love being playthings, sluts that can do nothing but please their keepers. We love this new trend, and hope it never ends. Jade was in the last day of her training for TTOO, and James decided Jade would lick every pussy James could find for her.

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Perhaps you are half a man" Nika says as she dishes out an extraordinary amount of pain to rico in very strict rope bondage. After plenty of face slapping, flogging, spanking and cock humiliation, Nika explains to rico that he must get his cock hard to please her, and prove his manhood. Bent over, his ass is electro shocked. As he screams he is suspended for a brutal caning.

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